Prana Eco Tote Bag
Prana Eco Tote Bag
Prana Eco Tote Bag

Prana Eco Tote Bag

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"The spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear and the acceptance of love back in our hearts.” ~Marianne Williamson

Prana refers to the energy in the universe and is said to flow through energy channels known as 'nadis' – an infinite network of energy pathways through that circulate throughout the body. These tank tops are designed for free spirited yogis who honour the power of energy through pranayama (rhythmic breathing) and asanas (physical postures practiced in yoga). The elegant design on these tank tops is the Sanskrit symbol for breathe or 'prana.' In Sanskrit, 'prana' means life energy. Resources: yogapedia, ekharyoga, brettlarkin 

Full Description

Introducing the 'Prana Eco Tote Bag,/ where style meets sustainability and spirituality. This tote bag is a statement piece that effortlessly blends eco-conscious living with your modern, fashionable lifestyle. Crafted from 100% pure cotton, this tote bag not only makes a bold fashion statement but also contributes to a greener planet. 


With a sleek black canvas, it provides the perfect backdrop for our Sanskrit-inspired design. The word "Breathe" graces the front of the bag in crisp white, standing out elegantly against the dark background. It's more than just a word; it's a reminder to pause, find your inner peace, and reconnect with your spirit - a reflection of your yoga journey.


The Prana Eco Tote Bag is your ideal companion whether you're headed to the beach, running errands, or rolling out your yoga mat. Its spacious interior ensures you can effortlessly carry your essentials and keep your life organized. From yoga gear to daily necessities, this tote bag has you covered, making it the perfect all-purpose yoga bag.


This tote bag is designed for individuals who appreciate the art of balance, seamlessly integrating spirituality with the demands of the modern world. Elevate your daily routine with the Prana Eco Tote Bag, your go-to yoga bag that embodies the essence of 'Prana' – the life force within us all. Breathe in, breathe out, and carry the spirit of yoga with you wherever you go.


Choose the Prana Eco Tote Bag and embark on a journey of sustainability, fashion, and inner harmony. This tote bag is a symbol of your mindful, eco-conscious lifestyle for a greener planet and a more centred life. Grab yours today and make every moment a chance to breathe and be present.


Deep Inspired Living is dedicated to the art of creating designs that seamlessly blend wildlife, spiritual symbols, and uplifting quotes, catering to those who are drawn to spirituality, wellness, and fashion. With a focus on the fusion of inner harmony and outward expression, our brand embodies the essence of a balanced and fulfilling life.


This organic cotton means you can say goodbye to plastic, and bag your goodies in this organic cotton tote bag. It holds a weight limit of 30lbs, enough for groceries, books and anything in between.


• 100% certified organic cotton 3/1 twill
• Fabric weight: 8 oz/yd² (272 g/m²)


Care Instructions

We suggest you hand wash cold with mild detergent and hang-dry for many years of use. Do not iron the decoration.


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One Size1614 ½524 1/21

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